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Our main goal is to create the most memorable trip in Cyprus for you, your family, and friends. Can there be compromises when it comes to your cherished memories?


Welcome to Enjoy Coca Cola Boat

Welcome to the extraordinary world of the Enjoy Coca Cola Boat, where you can embark on an unforgettable journey along the breathtaking coasts of Protaras and Agia Napa. Beyond its alluring cruises, this remarkable vessel bears a captivating story that encapsulates the dedication and craftsmanship of the last ship carpenter in Cyprus. Built in 1985, the Enjoy Coca Cola Boat stands as a testament to the artistry and passion that went into its creation. Step aboard and be transported to a realm where history and adventure merge, inviting you to create your own unique memories on the high seas.

Masterpiece of Craftsmanship

The Enjoy Coca Cola Boat is a true masterpiece, carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Every inch of this custom-made marvel exudes elegance and charm. Stretching an impressive 32 meters in length, it showcases three spacious floors that provide ample room for exploration and relaxation and a maximum capacity of 175 passengers. One of its most enchanting features is the glass bottom, allowing passengers to marvel at the stunning marine life beneath their feet. Get ready to indulge your senses as you traverse the transparent floor, gazing in awe at the ethereal beauty that unfolds beneath the surface.

Mesmerizing Built-In Aquarium

As you embark on your journey aboard the Enjoy Coca Cola Boat, prepare to uncover a hidden treasure within its depths—a mesmerizing built-in aquarium. Immerse yourself in a world where the wonders of the underwater realm come to life before your eyes. Marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors as schools of vibrant fish and captivating creatures gracefully glide through the crystal-clear waters of the aquarium. Whether you’re a devoted nature enthusiast or simply seeking a one-of-a-kind experience, this awe-inspiring feature is sure to leave you spellbound, deepening your appreciation for the beauty and diversity of marine life. Get ready to embark on a voyage of wonder and discovery as you witness firsthand the enchanting marine ecosystem within the Enjoy Coca Cola Boat’s remarkable built-in aquarium.

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Our Team

Team Member Captain Antoni Captain & CEO
Team Member
Captain Antoni
Captain & CEO

Meet Mr. Antoni, our Captain and CEO, a true maritime enthusiast with a deep passion for the sea. As an experienced captain in Cyprus, his expertise in navigation and understanding of the waves are unparalleled. With a perfect balance of professionalism and humor, Mr. Antoni steers the ship, ensuring an unforgettable journey. Join our charismatic captain for a delightful sailing experience.

Team Member
Our left hands

Our dedicated team of professionals is essential to the success of every voyage. They handle every aspect of your journey, covering a wide range of roles and job positions. From navigation and maintenance to hospitality and safety, our talented crew ensures a seamless and unforgettable experience for all passengers. Sailing with us means entrusting your adventure to an exceptional team committed to delivering excellence.

Inclusivity and Comfort

The Enjoy Coca Cola Boat is designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that all passengers can revel in the joy of cruising the crystal-clear waters. With its full air conditioning and thoughtful facilities for people with disabilities, the boat offers a comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone. The presence of specially designed toilets for individuals with disabilities further showcases the boat’s commitment to inclusivity. Set sail on a vessel that embraces diversity and fosters a sense of belonging, allowing every individual to experience the freedom and exhilaration of a maritime adventure.


Passion and Dedication

Every plank, every corner of the Enjoy Coca Cola Boat carries the mark of passionate craftsmen and dedicated individuals who strive to create cherished memories for visitors. The legacy of the last ship carpenter in Cyprus lives on through this remarkable vessel, reminding us of the beauty of skilled craftsmanship and the enduring spirit of those who dedicate themselves to the art of shipbuilding. Behind the Enjoy Coca Cola Boat’s magnificent presence lies a team of dedicated individuals who poured their hearts into its creation. Their unwavering dedication and expertise have created an experience that celebrates the timeless art of shipbuilding and leaves a lasting impression on all who come aboard. Step aboard this floating masterpiece and witness firsthand the passion and devotion that make the Enjoy Coca Cola Boat a true maritime treasure.